Mg Photography | About

Welcome!! My name is Meagan Guerrero, I live in beautiful Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.  I am a wife and mother of three kiddos well four if you include my husband .. and two dogs :)


Boy do I love taking pictures.  I feel like time is so fleeting, our kids are growing so quickly and sometimes overnight.  My main goal with my photography is to capture you, exactly who you are today.  How your spouse gazes at you, how your kids jump on you and cuddle you- everything about your family that makes you unique.  I want to capture these moments because I know they leave us so quickly and someday photographs and memories are all we will have of these precious days.  I love, love my job and I love capturing moments that you will treasure forever.  I want your heart to beam when you see your images, and I want to offer products that will last you a lifetime.  A photo of your sweet son holding onto your knees and looking up to you, because someday he will be past your shoulders and looking down on you.  Let's capture the moments that fly, the memories that you didn't even know you would miss, the real love between all of you- let's capture them so they are beautifully displayed in your home for years and years <3